Goals: In lieu of a resolution

Having attainable goals is an important element to our lives. Recently, I realized that I may have spent too much time in “mental recovery” just coasting happily. I certainly needed that time for healing. The blog posts I’ve written over the last year are a product of that healing. Now it’s time to look forward with vision. So, instead of one resolution, I’m setting one goal for each of the essential elements of life.

What are the essential life elements? My version includes: education, relationships, health, finance, career, spirituality, hobbies, and balance. At different parts of our lives, we are strong in some of these areas and weak in others. By setting a goal for each, I hope to improve myself overall in 2020.

And while I won’t bore you with all my goals, I’ll share a couple for keeping myself honest and giving ideas to any of you readers😊

In the area of health, I am committing to the type of exercise 4+ times per week that will strengthen my core. Since I’ve been having lower back issues, I’m hoping the core strengthening will also help my back to stay in place!

For finance, there are so many possibilities. But this year, I’ve decided to declare a war on debt. I’ve set a limit on my total outstanding debt, and I won’t increase that beyond the limit I set. If I reduce my debt, I can either be thrilled with the reduction, or I can use the available amount to my limit to acquire something else. The choice is mine, and it helps me keep the condition of the economy front of mind.

Theses are far from exciting. I know. If you are still even reading, contain your yawning 🥱.

The start of a new year is a great time to assess where you stand I. All the aspects of life. Sometimes I rate myself on a scale of 1-5 on each and determine where I’m the lowest. That helps me focus my efforts. Self education is where I might push the hardest for a while. It’s time to learn more about topics outside of self care and healing. I gave that to 2019. It served me well. Time to redirect!

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