Closing a chapter

What do you do with the wedding ring when the marriage is over?

Honestly, when I was still married, wearing it felt like part of the hostage situation that I was in.  If you haven’t heard this phrase before, being married to an alcoholic is being a hostage.  It is nearly impossible to do the right thing, let alone be yourself or be happy.  For this reason, I really wanted to be “rid of the ring.”

I asked my daughter if she wanted it or wanted to have something made from it.  She was appalled at the thought.  To her, she felt like it would be a curse on her own future marriage to even want it.

There were times when I wanted to just throw it out a car window, drop it from a tall building, or toss it in the ocean.  At 23, I couldn’t have been happier to have received it, but post divorce, it pulled to the forefront resentments that I was trying to forget.

I could just sell it…..that was a thought.  Oh, until I found out how much I would get paid for it.  That’s pathetic.  It was a jeweler that suggested using the stones for something nice for myself.  And when I first heard the suggestion, it didn’t seem like a good idea.  For some reason it didn’t sit well with me.  It really just felt like “he” or “alcoholism” would be around my neck instead of on my finger.  Strangulation came to mind…EEK!

Then it hit me…….my diamond wanted to burst out of that ring cage just as much as I needed to burst out, and no longer be hostage.  So, I proceeded.  And now I have a beautiful necklace that I can wear as a symbol of freedom gained.



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